Meet Me: The Blissful Blondie

Hey you!

You might already know me, Monica, the owner and founder of Daisy Bliss Beautique. If you're new around here, welcome! I can't wait to tell you all about how I got started with this fashion business that I have created.

First, I went to cosmetology school starting in high school. I always new I wanted to be in the beauty industry. Growing up with a mom as my own hair stylist I saw the passion and creativity with hair. It was no surprise I wanted to enter that field because the passion my mom has for it, is contagious. 

I worked at a salon for about 2 years before I started my own business. I was in a salon suite making my own hours, tending to my own clients, and I fell in love with boutique styles in 2017. I told my husband over and over again that my goal was to get boutique style clothing in my salon suite to test the waters. Flash forward to April of 2018 and I was placing my first orders with 3 very popular vendors (who I very much still adore and work with). 

It took me months of selling to family and friends getting feedback and opinions. With the support and out pouring love I went ahead and brought my clothing to the salon suite in July of 2018. My clients were so excited to have a one stop shop and just RAVED about all of the cute items I had. I had everything from edgy, to classic, to date night attire, and everyday wear. I introduced the idea of selling online and clients, family and friends were just floored with the idea and offered their hand in support.

There was a lot of processes to go through to get everything lined up to start selling online. After months of working with vendors, logo designer "Allison Lindsey Creative", and huge shout out to my web designers and social media team with "App Dev Solutions"

September 17th, Daisy Bliss Beautique was born. Here we are, over a year later and I cannot be more thankful where it has gone. Day in and day out, my husband and I purely love what this business has done for our family and for my happiness.

That's how I went after the dream,