Fall Fashion 2020

Trends you’ll be seeing for FALL 2020

To be honest, there’s so many things that just are not going out of style this year. One being leopard print, which I am NOT mad about! However, we are going to see a lot more variety of animal prints. I’m most excited about seeing brighter colors vs the typical traditional fall colors!

1. Tie Dye is still happening and I am here for it!! For fall pieces you’ll start to see more bleach dye with darker and cooler colors! 

2. Neon. Get excited because bright and fun sweaters are on the way! Along with graphic tees with that bright POP of color!

3. Animal Print. As mentioned above! Featuring leopard, zebra, snakeskin, various combos, OH MY!

4. Loungewear, because even when you’re stuck at home, feeling cute FEELS SOOO GOOD! 

5. Leather! Faux, real, you want it ALL this FALL!!

I can’t wait to show you FALL 2020 new arrivals! They’re starting to trickle in piece by piece!
Happy Fall Y’all!!